How to Download , Install & Use Nox player on PC

Are you a gamer? If yes, then you must know that the best gaming requires a computer! However, games that are being invented lately are especially for android phones, so we can easily carry our gaming system wherever we want to, but a real gamer knows, the computer is and will always be the best gaming gadget there has ever been! For such instances, we use emulators. Emulators are imitators. It has the ability to imitate another device or system. Thus, people tend to download emulators for better gaming. If we talk about specific gaming systems such as play stations, they are quite expensive, and not every gamer can easily afford them; thus, here is where emulators are considered to be no less than a blessing because you can play those games on a PC through an emulator. Not just that, but there comes loads of ease with it. Despite the games and fun, Designers and developers also use emulators who are working on android applications.


Emulators also enhance hardware as they provide better visuals and offer much more than what the original system has to offer. Several emulators exist, but NoxPlayer has its own goals that make it the best emulator.

What is Nox Player

NoxPlayer is, without a doubt, the best emulator for your PC, you can play any android game you want! It is very well known for its work. There are numerous emulators, but then again, it stands out because of its uniqueness, that is, unlike the other emulators, it is not costly, or if we put it the right way, it has no cost. It is free of charge! It enables us to run all our favorite applications, be it social apps or heavy gaming apps. So, if we sum all excellent things together here; big-screen opportunity, the game of your choice (ignoring the MBS it will consume), no hindrances, no lagging issues, what more would a gamer want?

Nox Player System Requirement

  Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
Operating System Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 /Windows 10 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Processor Dual Core Processor Multiple Core processor Which Support VT-x or AMD-B Virtualization Technology
Video Suport Open GL 2.0 or Above 1GB - 2 GB Graphic Card
Memory 2GB RAM 4GB RAM
Storage 2GB Storage 2GB SSD Storage
Internet Broadband Internet Connection 10MB Internet Connection

Features of Nox Player for PC

Feature of NoxPlayer are mentioned below:

  • For people who have this habit of playing multiple games at the same time or have multiple accounts for the same game, NoxPlayer has got you covered. It enables us to play different games at the same time, various screens would display at your PC, and the best part is, it will not lag.
  • It supports almost all kinds of remotes or video game controllers as most gamers find it easier to use joysticks when playing and some go for keyboards, NoxPlayer makes both the options feasible. As modern mobile phones have none, it is a win-win situation here!
  • NoxPlayer is capable enough to let all the application run, be it the latest or most massive application that includes the heaviest of games too. Also, an extra feature of providing a shooting range is present!
  • It is updated daily, leaving no room for viruses and outdatedness.
  • Screenshot feature available.

Uses of Nox Player

NoxPlayer is used to bring ease to gamers in numerous ways. It brings a massive screen in the picture! It provides us the opportunity to play our favorite games on a PC screen. Games that involve targeting and shooting requires precision and visibility that is likely to attain on a larger screen. Also, it emits the chances of neck pain and weird poses! Battery issues are one of the most irritating yet most frequent problems we face when we play games on android phones as gaming drain battery. NoxPlayer eliminates this problem from our lives. Not just that, it keeps us entertained with the fact that we can open several screens on it, a perfect way to provide justice to all apps! It helps us stay connected. Apart from entertainment, at times, your phone cannot stand some applications, rather than buying a new phone, in such a situation NoxPlayer comes to rescue!

How to Download and Install Nox App Player on Window 10

For download Nox Player, there is a proper website present.


Firstly, you have to look up the official website, that is,, on any internet browser that is in your use. I prefer google chrome as it makes browsing extremely easy. After you are on the site mentioned above, an enormous download option is a present right in the central part of your screen. All you need to do is, click on the download option and be patient for not too many seconds, as downloading of NoxPlayer will not take much of your time. As the downloading finishes, the downloaded file appears in the bar below. Click on that file and open it.

As soon as the file opens, the install button will be visible to you. Clicking that the install button will start the installation, this might take a few seconds to finish! Now, after installation and the downloading is done finally, a start button appears. Bring the cursor to the start button and click it. Processing will begin, and the emulator once again starts to download itself. This usually takes more time than downloading and installing, but once we are done with this, we are free to enjoy NoxPlayer as per our want!

How to Run Android App on Nox Player

Running an android app on NoxPlayer is no different than running an app on a regular android phone mainly because the screen that appears on NoxPlayer is the same as it appears on your phone. Not even a slight change can be seen. So, how do you usually run an app on an android phone? You go for the app store or play store and download any application you feel like downloading.


The same happens on a NoxPlayer, but for an android phone too, to use the play store, we need a Gmail account. This, when you open play store on a NoxPlayer, it demands a Gmail account. As soon as you fulfill their requirement, the downloading application will be as easy as it is. Be it whatever the application you are interested in downloading. It can be the most massive App, and NoxPlayer will support it. All you need to do is type out the desired App and click on download when it appears. Open when it is done downloading, and you are good to go! Multiple screens make using NoxPlayer even more fun and fitting as we can play and socialize at the same time or work and chill, simultaneously.

Nox player running slow or Laggy (Problem Solution)

We all know that, to run Android Games in the Nox player smoothly. We should have a minimum requirement System that runs Nox player without any lag.if You Still feel a delay in Your Game, then follow Below Custom setting to speed up Nox app player.

Step 1:
Click on Setting Icon and Open Nox player Setting.

Step 2:
Click In Performance Setting, then Change CPU Core to 2-3 and increase Memory 1024 to 4096 MB

Step 3:
Below Performance Settings, You Will See Graphics Renerding mode, Change it Enhanced Compatibility mode to DirectX Mode.

Step 4:
Now Click on Save Setting and Restart your System.

How to uninstall Nox app player on Windows

There Is Multiple Way to Uninstall Softwares on PC, but the easiest way is using the “Uninstall or Change Program” Option.
To Uninstall Nox App Player on Your PC. You need to follow the Below Instructions.

Step 1:

First, You need to open your “My Computer” and then find “Uninstall or change a program” below Menu Bar.

Uninstall NOX Player

Step 2:

After That, You Need to Search Nox App Player and Click Uninstall Button

How to uninstall Nox app plyer on PC

Step 3: 

After Click on the Uninstall button, You Will See Two options on Nox Player Click On Uninstall button to Continue to Remove Procedure.

After Uninstall Process is Finished, You Will Get Complete Text on Your Screen and then restart Your PC to remove Nox player on Your System Completely.

How to Uninstall Android App in Nox player

If You have Less Storage in Your System and You want to install a new Application. Then You Need to Remove the old App. Here You Will find a Simple way Where You can Uninstall Old App on Your Nox player.

First, You Will Need Find Tools Folder in Your Nox App Player and Then Click on Settings.

Setting Nox App Player to Uninstall App

After Enter in Settings, You will Need to Find App options.

how to uninstall App in nox player

After open Apps Menu, You Will See All Your Installed Apps. So click on that App, You Want to Uninstall.

How to Fix Nox player black screen (Problem Solution)

Some Users facing Black Screen Problem in Nox App Player. To fix this issue You need to follow the below steps.

First, You Will need to open the Nox Player Settings.

General Setting

After Open Settings, Click on General Setting, at end of General Setting You Will See Restore Button, Click On That Button.

Nox player black screen Fix

Performance Settings

In Performance Settings,  You Will Need to change Cpu Core 1 to 2 and Memory 1024 to 2048 MB Ram, Then Change Graphics Rendering Mode to Speed (DirectX) and Then Click on Save Settings.

Note: First , Check Your System Core and Ram Before any Change.

How to Fix Nox player black screen (Problem Solution)

is Nox player safe?

Yes, NoxPlayer is safe to use, easy to download, and run apps as per our want without facing genuine difficulties. No wonder it outshined all the emulators that people have been using for long.

Final Words

Now, let us sum up the entire article in a few words, As we know, NoxPlayer is an android emulator that is considered the best of them all, with its amazing features such as screen splits, being free makes it more tempting to all the people out here, especially gamers! Emulators are generally very expensive, so getting an outstanding emulator, that too, free! Who would not go for it? It is an all gain no loss situation as nothing about NoxPlayer makes you dislike it; it brings so much ease to our lives. It is reliable, legal, and safe to use as all your data is limited to you and only you.

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